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Mission Statement

CCFOI’s mission is to advocate and promote strong Freedom of Information Laws and other laws that help guarantee the rights and liberties of journalists and other persons under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article First of the Connecticut Constitution.


CCFOI’s primary purposes are:

1.  To promote, preserve and protect the public’s access to government in this state and in its municipalities and to uphold the constitutional principles of Freedom of the press.

2.  To support the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission in its role educating about and promoting open government.

3.  To watch, report, comment and warn of the effects of legislation, regulation, court decisions, technological changes and other developments in Connecticut life as they may have an impact on open access to public records, documents and meetings.

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  1. I have been in a long term conflict with the New Haven Board of Education over special education services for my children. Most of the time I have done this pro se, sometimes with the advice of an attorney, now with the help of a special education advocate. My children’s school has unusually low figures for the identification of students with special needs. Verbally, I was told it is about 8%, Nationally, children with special needs, totally, comprise about 20% of the population. District-wide, I was told it is about 11%. I cannot find written figures for our local school. When I asked for the information, I met with resistance. In December, I submitted a written request for specifically identified public records, i.e. policy manuals or letters regarding the identification and evaluation criteria. In February, I received a written response telling me when the materials were available, they would contact me. It is now mid-May. The records have still not been made available to me. Under the law what may I do to obtain the records I need so I can effectively advocate for my children?

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