Cool Justice Report statements to the FOI Commission

Sickening precedent: Statements to CT #FOI Commission 10-22-14, Re; Suppressed Report

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179 Replies to “Cool Justice Report statements to the FOI Commission”

  1. The meeting on 22 OCT 14 was an illegal meeting as the FOIC did not post their agenda in accordance with the mandatory requirements of CGS Sec. 1-225. Any action taken should be stricken.

  2. Bu the courts have ruled that pending an investigation, an exemption exists. 4 months? That’s super quick for DESPP. They suck … but they did provide the record, so they should have provided it promptly. Exemptions do not have to be used and agencies can provide exempted records. They cannot use an exemption claim to support a non-prompt release of records IMO~they are separate issues.

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