37 Candidates have signed the FOI Pledge

See if your candidate has signed the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information’s FOI Pledge.

117 Replies to “37 Candidates have signed the FOI Pledge”

  1. After reviewing the “pledge to uphold and protect FOI” list, my first reaction to the paltry number of candidate signatures was simply shock. Two words further rise to the front of my political consciousness: Disappointment and Disgust. What politician doesn’t either care to or refuses to uphold a vital component of democracy? I will tell you – One that doesn’t deserve my vote.

  2. To all candidates of the voting districts 2, 7 and 61: Please cease in being apathetic towards your constituents’ rights to Freedom of Information. Please do not hold us in contempt. There is still time (it is now 10:55 AM 11-4-14) to make a political act of contrition by signing the FOI Pledge. What do you have to lose? By not signing the pledge, we can only assume you have something to hide. Remember that actions speak louder than campaign promises. Prove to us that you should hold an position in our legislature, one of service and honor.

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