Supreme Court Justices Grill Attorneys In Sandy Hook Records Case – Hartford Courant

03/01/18 – By Matthew Kauffman

When Adam Lanza was in fifth grade, he created an eight-chapter booklet about a brutal gun-toting woman and her son, who attacked children, soldiers and eventually, each other. Years later, Lanza built a meticulously detailed spreadsheet of mass murders around the world, one more window into the obsession with violence that he would carry through the doors of Sandy Hook Elementary School. [Read More]

2 Replies to “Supreme Court Justices Grill Attorneys In Sandy Hook Records Case – Hartford Courant”

  1. Given the vitriol being expressed towards traditionalists, I believe we are going to see that those who do this will face a pretty heavy price. Certain career paths will be closed, many of our co-religionists will be harassed, but most difficult will be the empty promises of the peace that will come from compromise and the enticement of material advancement that comes with it. We have not been preparing ourselves to resist this allure and it will ensnare a lot of Christians. Stalinist Russia this ain”t. Take it from an American Immigrant Anabaptist, a little persecution can be a healthy thing. Maybe discipleship SHOULD carry a bit more of a cost. Maybe Christians SHOULD stand out a bit more from the broader American culture. Maybe having less of the good old Coasting Cultural Christians will be a good thing for both liberal and conservative christians. Jesus never seemed like much of a white picket fence, 2.5 children church on Sundays kind of guy to me. Then again, he also didn”t seem too focused on sex, so maybe Rod has in mind a more Americanized version.

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